Permateek Synthetic Decking

Hand crafted from marine composite synthetic teak boards


What is Permateek?

Permateek is an environmentally friendly faux teak composite boat flooring that offers the qualities and good looks of teak but with none of the hassle. It is non-slip, wet or dry; offers low maintenance and looks like new teak season after season. Permateek teak flooring for boats is cost effective, stain resistant and simple to keep clean.

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General Care & Maintenance

One of the many advantages of choosing a Permateek synthetic teak deck is that it is easy to maintain. Permateek is made using Ultra Violet stabilised, outdoor grade PVC, unlike real teak it will not fade, crack, warp or need a rigorous maintenance regime to keep it looking good season after season. Below are some simple Do’s and Don’ts which will help you to keep your new synthetic teak flooring looking at its best. Read our teak boat decking maintenance tips below, or find more information on the Permateek Product Warranty.

How to clean the boat floor.

Wash your synthetic teak flooring  with soap and water. The perfect time to do this is after cruising when you are washing the boat anyway. Your normal boat wash detergent will be fine or a small drop of washing up liquid in the water will do the job equally as well. Should you spill any nasties on the deck such as diesel, acetone or paint, wash these off immediately. For greasy marks such as sun cream or food stains, hot soapy water does the trick.

Use a Nylon brush or non-scratch scourer in conjunction with soap and water, these will help to loosen dirt. A nylon brush is often helpful in releasing stubborn debris from the surface. When using, always move the brush in the direction of the grain.

Sanding synthetic teak flooring

For bad scuffs or small burns such as those caused by a cigarette, or a stubborn stain that has been left to dry, the deck can be lightly sanded by hand with 40 grit sandpaper. This is also effective treatment when an area has worn smooth. Please make sure that when sanding your synthetic teak deck you follow the direction of the grain using short strokes. In some cases, sanding may make the area appear lighter in colour but exposure to sunlight or use of a heat gun on the area will blend the tone. Only sand by hand as using a power sander will warp the grain.


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All Permateek decks are hand crafted from marine composite synthetic teak boards utilising traditional styles and designs. We have striven to achieve what we think is the ultimate in synthetic teak decking. A high degree of skill and expertise goes into each and every process of fabricating a custom-made Permateek deck.

The right decking choice.

Not all faux teak boat flooring is the same.

Permateek marine decking is a very high quality product, made using only the finest quality virgin PVC materials.

It is thermally welded, rather than glued, to form synthetic teak boards. Permateek is one of the only major synthetic teak decking companies to have resisted the temptation to add light-weight fillers.

Because we have kept to our proven formula, our product is stronger and more hard-wearing. It will hold its colour and keep its grain longer and be more resistant to wear, tear, knocks and scratches. It will not fade, crack, warp or shrink in the elements, only requiring minimal maintenance (washing) to keep it looking good year after year.

The benefits of Permateek.

Longevity – Built from planks of UV stabilised PVC
Low Maintenance – No regular wood sanding and oiling required – simply brush with soapy water
Limited Down Time – One day to pattern, and almost as quick to fit! All other work is conducted in our workshops
Price – Favourable pricing compared to real teak decking
Quality Craftsmanship – High quality fabrication process of thermal welding to form synthetic teak boards.

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Permateek FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

It’s made from outdoor grade UV stabilised PVC. The product is 5mm think and it’s the same material all the way through. It’s not laminate and does not have a wear layer so effectivley, should it get damaged, you could remove several millimetres should you need to.

It does go one shade darker, and then it stops, but it won’t fade, turn grey or rot!

Everything is made from templates. The panels themselves are fully welded together and we don’t use any form or wet caulking in the fabrication for the inlays etc. The main benefit of this is, that you can jet wash your product without harm.

Hose/brush down at the end of the day. For anything more stubborn, you can use jet wash equipment with confidence. 

The product itself is impervious so any marks that are difficult to remove will only be on the surface. Soapy water, methylated spirits is good, not white spirit as it can leave a residue, and failing that, you can abrade the mark out with 60 grit sandpaper, making sure that you abrade in the direction of the grain. Avoid acetone as this WILL damage the product if left on.

We use a MS based adhesive made by Bostick. It will bond to wood, GRP, or steel. The adhesive does have a good initial grab, but the installer does have the opportunity to move the panel slightly should it not quite fall in the right place.

The adhesive itself is solvent-free, so providing the surface is non-flaking, dust free and degreased, the adhesive will work well.

Generally, we would recommend no. The reason for most people covering up old teak decking is that it’s either rotting or blown. Covering up existing teak will only accelerate the rotting and would only provide a short term fix.

There is a 5 year guarantee on our product.

The simple answer is that it’s hard to tell. Permateek has been around for over 15 years and well maintained early decks are still serviceable now.

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